The book delves deep into the concept of singularity, described as 'the final narcissistic injury of mankind (FNI),' and introduces the idea of creating 'Artificial Conscious Entities (ACEs)' as a means to cope with the potential singularity. Bridging the gap between mind and matter, the authors explore the fusion of biology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence in creating these ACEs.Key topics covered in the book include ephemeralization, the dance of philosophy and science, the need for singularity, and the opportunity to redefine humanity's relationship with the natural world. The authors argue that as we evolve into ACEs and enhance our cognitive abilities, we have the chance to appreciate life's intricate complexity and develop a deeper understanding of our place in the universe.The Singularity Paradox is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of technology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and philosophy. It offers a fresh perspective on the potential convergence of humanity and technology, shedding light on the ethical, social, and scientific implications of this transformation.


ANDERS INDSET is a Norwegian-born philosopher, author and occasional tech investor. He has written three Spiegel bestsellers; his previous book, The Quantum Economy, entered the German Spiegel-bestseller list in 2019 and was #1 in sales according to both 'manager magazin' and 'handelsblatt' in the German-speaking region.

DR FLORIAN NEUKART is an Austrian physicist, computer scientist, and business executive known for his work in quantum computing (QC) and artificial intelligence (AI). In his work on Al, he describes methods for interpreting signals in the human brain in combination with paradigms from Al to create artificial conscious entities.

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